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Garden & Exterior Design

Many people tend to think, that creating an exterior design is easier than making an indoors premise look gorgeous… But in reality, taking all the weather, terrain, and other natural factors into account it is a fact, that garden & exterior design is a lot more sophisticated! We offer complete garden design services. With more than two decades of experience, we can design any constructed elements and plantings that your site requires. All projects are designed by our top designers in collaboration with you, the homeowner. Our goal is to make an imaginative garden connecting you and your family to the pleasures of being outdoors.

Why Choose Us

Professional Team


Our award-winning team has been assisting customers with exterior design for over a decade.

Design Projects


We offer a variety of design projects to ensure your home’s next upgrade look its best.

Innovative Solutions


We offer individual and innovative design solutions to both residential and commercial clients.


“When I moved from Los Angeles to Chicago, I’ve missed just one single thing – my beautiful garden. Luckily, I was able to find a firm that recreated my LA garden in IL with an uncanny resemblance!”

Maria Pitcher, New York

“For me, the exterior of my cottage is just as important aesthetically as the indoors interior design. So when I was about to refresh my garden look, the first company I called were these guys!”

Tom Priston, New York

“When my wife asked me for a massive garden overhaul recently, I was a bit depressed by the price quotes we’ve received. But when this company wooed us, I was finally relieved and gave them full cart Blanche!”

Sam Kromstain, New York

Have questions? Contact us.

Proposing early concepts or strategic approaches to often complex urban or commercial projects, we are skilled at quickly capturing our clients’ visions and relaying these in supporting graphic and written information. We also provide landscape planning advice for clients to ensure that concepts are in line with the requirements of local and national planning policies and can form the basis of an outline planning submission.

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